WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

Our Not so Princess-y Girls F2-F7 and more!

Besides our high maintenance F1 princesses we do have some other girls that make up our cattery 

Luna F2

Luna is Galaxy's Snow Daughter and a favourite at ou
r Senior Homes Visits.

Luna will lay quietly in a residents arms for up to an hour !!! letting them pat her rabbity soft fur and enjoy her purrs and cuddles.


 Luna will be quite shy at home with new visitors but at the long term care homes she excels!


She is truly the star and has put smiles on the faces of many people that have had to give up their own pets as they became unable to care for them . She enjoys her volunteer work and we are very proud of her. 























Luna is an F2b Savannah and she is a lynx point snow color. She is lighter then most lynx point but is continuing to darken as she ages. She has beautiful blue eyes that have a mischevious twinkle. Luna has a great short and expressive tail  like a serval. She also has the wonderful big serval nose and high rear end handed down from her mom and her serval grandfather. 



















i-Khandi F4 .. Kind of ...

i-Khandi is a real treasure we were able to import from Kirembo Savannahs in San Fransisco. Khandi is registered as an F4 Savannah but she is virtually an F2 based on the percentage of serval in her background.

This phenomenon is explained on the Kirembo website at this link :

 high percentage savannahs   (Katie is Khandi's Mother)

A cat like Khandi is very rare and we are extremely grateful to Brigitte for letting us have the opportunity to have one of her cats in Canada.

Her kittens are very desirable for our Alberta homes because they are legal being F5 kittens, but exotic and large because they have the equivalent serval percentage in them of an F3 kitten.  

This gives our Alberta buyers a chance to own an exotic hybrid cat within the legal restrictions of that province.

Khandi is a beautiful cat with serval markings, large ears, l-o-n-g legs,  hooded serval eyes and a white tummy ! She has the large serval nose which looks very exotic but is always getting into trouble.




Khandi is probably our biggest water baby ! All of our cats like water but Khandi takes it to the extreme.




She also thinks she is a hair stylist and takes any opportunity to fix the appearance of visitors to our home.


Khandi is a great mom and we are looking forward to her spring litter.