WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

The Babies

We are breeding for F1 to F7 Savannah kittens. The price for kittens   can range from $1200- $15,000 ! The price will vary depending on the   generation, overall appearance and percentage of serval in the kittens.  

**See our Facebook page for info on our newest kittens **   

We do include shipping , kennel, kitten kit, neutering, microchip and all vaccines and worming in the pricing of our higher generation kittens. For information about what is included in our KittenKit  check this link:

What is a Kitten Kit

We have an unheard of guarantee on our kittens. You can return the kitten for up to 2 weeks after purchase for a full refund if you are unhappy with your kitten FOR ANY REASON!
Check out our sales contract and guarantee here !
Our 100% thrilled Guarantee

Although we own servals we do not breed for servals.If you are looking for a serval kitten contact HighClass servals. They are located in Maple Ridge and have a facebook page.                                                                

All of our cats are registered with TICA ( The International Cat Association)

When breeding animals nothing is ever a guarantee for every kitten in the litter. It is impossible to promise the adult size of the kittens and there can be a significant variance within a litter. A very general rule is that males will be larger than females, and higher generation and higher percentage Savannahs will be larger than lower generation and lower percentage Savannahs.(less Serval blood).  However, it doesn't hold true that the largest kitten will be the largest adult. Just like children, Savannahs have growth spurts and grow at different speeds and of course nutrition plays a big part in growth rates. You won't know the full size of your Savannah until it is about 2 years old as they are late to mature, like their wild ancestors.                                                                     

 For information on the care of your new Savannah we send apersonalized care guide with each baby. And there  is some information on our website here:
Care of your Savannah

We have selectively chosen our breeding animals to compliment one another and are aiming for kittens that are tall golden cats with dark spotting, long legs and large ears that will be exotic looking pets resembling their Serval parents, grandparents or great grandparents, but  still remain sweet and loving as the perfect house pets.  

Females traditionally will be more expensive because they are fertile and can be used in an approved breeding program.(If you are interested in breeding Savannahs please contact us for more details) The males make wonderful pets because they  are a larger more muscled cat so they are very striking when mature. The males also tend to be easy going and will get along with other pets in your home. Contrary to what is generally believed, male cats, once neutered, are not as territorial as females and they do not spray !

Two spayed females will have to "discuss" who owns which territory in your home every few months. Males, generally, don't really care...                       

If you need information on introducing your new kitten to your current pet please let us know and we can give you some great “no fail" ideas