WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

May 2011 Stewie Works with Jason Kenzie                                              THE PHOTO WARRIOR

Jason is the owner of Extreme Photography out of Vancouver B.C. He contacted us to do a video of Stewie. It has now been published on YouTube, for the public to see, as part of Jason's  "Life through my Lens" series.

Jason and his lovely assistant Genevieve were great to work with, and the cats loved him.. even Stewie liked him a tiny bit . We would recommend his services for anyone looking for pet photography or  pet videos. 

WildStreak on YouTube

The Okanagan (Kelowna) Cat Show

Stewie did very well at the show and met over 1500 people over the two days ! He is fun to travel with and is a great reperesentation of an African serval. We did explain to spectators that not all servals are like Stewie. He is very Special. There are pictures of our trip in the Photo gallery.

He was filmed for 3 television spots and was photographed for 3 newspapers.

Here is an online link to one of the local papers :


Kelowna Cat Show Oct 9/10th 2010

Come and meet us --and Stewie our Serval--  at the Kelowna Cat show on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend !
For more info on the show checkout the link below ! 

Shaw TV in Kelowna

Stewie the Serval is making a road trip to Kelowna to do an interview on Shaw TV to promote the upcoming Kelowna Cat Show being held on Oct 9 and 10th . Jackie will be talking on his behalf, and they will be on TV on September 28 at 2 pm.

If you are in the Okanagan area watch for him !  

For more information on the show:

Did you know Stewie has his own facebook page?

Just search for Stewie the Serval

Mr. July

Well we could not be more PROUD !! Solomon is Mr. July for CitiKitty Toilet training system! Solomon learned how to use the toilet when he was a just a young kitten and his owners Jaime and Alex can take credit for his training. Solomon is an F2B Snow kitten.
Check him out:

I'm ON TV ! See our Serval Stuart on City TV

That's One Giant Cat

Like cats? No!! Trust us, you'll like these cats.

2010 Cat Fanciers of BC Show March 12,13 &14 2010

This is one of our favourite local shows to attend and we will be there again this year! Look for us right at the entry gate as we  will be helping collect the admissions and greet visitors !

We have a special surprise this year and will be bringing our  Serval kitten out to meet spectators. He will be at the show on Saturday and Sunday.  He will be situated near the front just behind the entry way. Bring your camera !

Show Barn, Cloverdale Fairgrounds
6050A 176th Street
Surrey, BC, Canada  V3S 4E7

For More Info:

2009 Pet Expo

We enjoyed another event at the Tradex Pet Expo in Abbotsford this year. It was held October 17th and 18th and I had lots of help this year which was really appreciated !

I want to thank Jaclynne, Marilyn, Heather (dracula), Matthew (batman), Olivia(jockey) and her whole family (winnie the pooh characters)  for coming out to help and talk with people about the cats.. and for dressing up!! 

There were so many questions and even with help, it was still impossible to talk with everyone as much as we would have liked.

We held a contest to find a name for our little snow savannah girl. We have still not managed to come to an agreement on the winning name as there were SOOOOOOO many good ones ! But we will post it here as soon as we have decided.

We have contacted the winner and the new name for our snow girl is "LUNA"

Pet Events:

2008 Pet Expo

Up to 22,000 visitors viewed our Savannahs at the recent Pet Expo at the Abbotsford Tradex. It was a great opportunity to meet people and to give many a chance to see the girls in person. Gali even did some fund raising for the westcoast cat club encouraging spectators to feed her with dried meat and she would gently "beg" for her treats! It was not a hardship for her but did give everyone a chance to see how gentle one of these "wildcats" can be. Thank you to Natalie, Holly and Stephanie for sharing the pictures you took so some can be posted here.!  We had some of our Abyssinians at the booth with us and our good friends Jana and Frank were there also with their adorable Singapuras! This allowed us to display the smallest breed of purebred cat next to the tall Savannah Cats!