WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

Pricing Savannahs

It is not rocket science but it is not easy either ! 

Savannahs are known as expensive cats and some are very expensive. The price for a Wildstreak Savannah kitten can range anywhere from $1000-$10,000 !  

The lower generation savannahs such as F7/F6 can be very reasonably priced !

So most families can afford to enrich their homes with a lovely Savannah kitten without having to sell it !

We try to have fair prices on our kittens and sell only healthy well adjusted babies that will make wonderful 20 year companions. We do not cut corners on food, veterinary care or housing. We feed only premium cat food and our cats have regular veterinary care with our Exotic Animal Specialist Dr Sharon Pruss of the King George Exotic Animal Hospital.

We DO NOT give our own vaccines or administer medications that are not dispensed by our veterinarian. We do not encourage online vaccines, medications and treatments by laypersons.

A lot goes into the raising of these babies but we still aim to give our new owners a kitten that is well worth the cost and much more.  We neuter high generation male kittens before they leave, and  kittens leave with a WildStreak Savannahs Kitten Kit.

What is a Kitten Kit

The cost of a Savannah kitten will very from litter to litter and is mostly based on the generation of the kitten and the percentage of serval blood in the litter. It will also vary individually among kittens depending on the markings and other desirable qualities.

We have outlined price ranges on our webpage F1 vs. F2 vs. F3 vs. F4