WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

Our Princess-wanna-be's

At Wildstreak Savannahs we are fortunate to lhve started our cattery with with two F1 Savannah girls. 

They have the same African Serval Dad, Jurassica, but different moms and different birthdays. They were lovingly raised by Christina Langelier of CaféKitty Cattery on Vancouver Island and we have been ecstatic since the first day we were brought them home.
These girls were raised with lots of attention and human contact and are the gentlest most loving cats you could ever expect to meet. Because of their abundance of spots we have named them Galaxy and Super Nova!

They love to sleep in the bed, help with computer work (this web page has taken 1.5 yrs to do ) and they are really good at unloading the laundry from the dryer, and the dishes from the dishwasher. I don’t know what I would do without their help around the house!

They love my children and will run to my grandchildren when they come for visits. The grandkids play with them for hours with fishing rod type of cat toys. My  3 yr old grandson always asks if he can go “fishing for a kitty” and hangs the rod and toy down the stairs for the silly savannahs to bat at and bite onto (“I got one Nana!!”) They entertain him for hours… or maybe that is the other way around?!           

Both of our F1 girls love to fetch and retrieve toys for the kids also. Ms. Galaxy (aka Gali) has a favorite toy that she fetches that is a little jungle patterned mouse about 2 inches long.                  Super Nova (aka Nova) on the other hand, prefers to drag around toys that are larger than herself! She will hunt through the stuffed animals to find a large Pooh bear or Eeyore and will drag it like an antelope kill between her legs  to us so we can throw it for her to retrieve ...again.. and again.. and again...Once again I am not sure who is entertaining who???

Both of our girls like to float their toys in their water dish before playing with them, especially Nova. It is not uncommon to be woken up to a wet catnip mouse on the pillow beside you with an excited Savannah a foot away waiting for the ‘throw’!

Never throw a wet toy in anger. This method does NOT work if you want to discontinue the “wet toy on the sleeping face” game. 

Both of our girls also love to play in a tub of water. We fill a large baby bath with warm water and in they go!!        









 If there are toys in the water it is even more fun as they can fish them out and pile them up beside you as soggy trophies.

Nova is a dark intense coloured Savannah girl with mysterious mini spots instead of the traditional large spots that most F1 girls have. We think she is just beautiful and her markings remind us of a Racoon.. but with a thick chinchilla coat and so much prettier! Notice the dark black nose and cheetah tears on her face. Her ears are huge and she has striking ocelli (banding) on the backs of them.                 

She always gets her way with those sultry pouty looks of hers. We just melt.  Nova has the rich coat and thick short tail which is desired on a Savannah. She moves like a wild cat with her rear end higher than her front end. One of Nova’s favorite pastimes is to sit on a high perch and stretch her legs and neck up very tall to watch what is going on in our home. She looks like one of the Servals on the African Savanna waiting for lunch to fly by! Nova never misses an opportunity to jump onto, or into, an empty bag especially if she thinks there might be an Aby watching her and they can engage in a “who’s in the bag” game for a couple of hours!

Gali aka Ms. Galaxy, is the true princess in our home. I think sometimes she feels that we are her handmaidens and we should not allow anything to get in the way of her desires. The universe really does revolve around this “Galaxy”!

Galaxy has taken the bright pink Barbie Car that I brought my infant granddaughter for her own use. Gali DOES NOT know how to drive, but she felt she MUST have this car! After many tug of wars between her and a teary one year old… Gali won.

She is very smug about this victory and will bring the car out of the spare bedroom to flaunt it in my granddaughters face whenever she comes for a visit. Gali can no longer fit into this car but that has not deterred her from trying. Please don’t mention that she looks fat in the car !

Gali does not feel that she should have to wait for breakfast time or dinner time. She gets quite perturbed when she is not fed immediately and at her first ‘meow’. She will take the matter into her own “paws” and search the fridge for what she would like for dinner.. Gali feels she should not have to eat what we were going to offer her for dinner, nor should she have to wait for it !  Gali has a strong liking for sliced deli style meats. We are quite certain that this is not a ‘natural’ nor a ‘well balanced’ diet for a savannah cat and refuse her demands for it. She has had to resort to opening the deli drawers in the fridge herself to get the deli meats out for her snack time.

As you can see F1’s can be a challenging generation of hybrid cats to live with. You need to be prepared to problem solve and you need a good knowledge base of animal behavior to work with them. Fortunately, we have had many years of raising cats and other animals, so we are quite skilled owners and had no difficulty finding a solution for this problem.......

We have stopped buying deli meat

Gali has the coloring and markings that stop people in their tracks. We are often asked if she is a baby cheetah ! She has a buttery undercoat with large black spots and vivid black stripes.

Gali also has the desired white tummy which is seen in wild cats. It is not naturally occurring in domestic cats. This makes her very striking and gives her that many more reasons to be treated like royalty !

The Savannahs that are F1 generations are unfortunately not eligible to be shown competitively in cat shows but we occasionally will bring one out to a local show as an EXHIBITION ONLY entry to let the public see what a Savannah is and how sweet they are.

Even though the Savannah Cat results from crossing with a wild cat, our cats do not have the unfriendly or unpredictable temperament you might expect from a cat with wild blood. This is largely because of the way they were raised with premium care and unlimited attention. Also the African Serval Cat is actually quite a sweet tempered cat, almost shy, and would prefer to avoid a confrontation then to cause one. Many people say that  the Serval is the  most gentle of the small wild cats and many people keep Servals as house pets !  

Our Newest STAR !!!

We are so excited to welcome a new f1 girl to our home !

Her name is STAR so she seemed destined to live with us since we already had a GALAXY AND SUPER NOVA !


Star came to us this spring (2009) at 2.5 years old. It is not easy to rehome an F1 savannah or a serval. They bond intensely to their first home so we have had to win Stars heart and have her learn to trust us.

It has taken some time (and lots of chicken) but STAR has  made amazing strides since coming to live with us. She now plays and purrs and races around the house  playing with our other cats like she has always lived here. She is still not fond of strangers coming over and will hiss at them and stomp off.

She enjoys playing in our indoor pond and has a thing for the rubber ducky that once floated in it ! She packs it around from room to room and it can often be found hidden under a blanket in her bed.

Star has also developed a crush on Kasbah.. Mr. Smooth Talker! She will sleep with him and nuzzle with him at any opportunity ! 

Star is a big girl weighing 20 lbs and it is not fat!