WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

Deposits and our UNIQUE unbelievable Guarantee

We do not encourage "pre-birth" deposits. If you are interested in a kitten please contact us and you will be on our email wait list to be contacted when the litters are born.

If you decide you would like a particular  kitten from a particular litter we will hold that kitten for you with a REFUNDABLE deposit ! A deposit for an F1 kitten is $1000.

When the kitten of your choice turns 5 weeks old that deposit becomes non-refundable. Up to that point you can come visit the kitten and the parents, ask lots of questions, discuss the kitten arrival with your family, and make an informed decision whether you are ready  to make a 20 year commitment to one of our precious Savannah Kittens.

We do not want anyone to feel rushed or cornered into buying a kitten. We want you to make this purchase with excitement and knowledge so that it will work for the kitten and yourselves and the kitten will be an anticipated and well loved member of your life.

If you are not 100% thrilled and excited to be getting one of our kittens.. then we would prefer you look elsewhere.

After you buy the kitten you have a two week period in which the kitten can still be returned for a refund ! If you find that you have an allergic family member, an older cat that cannot cope with an active new kitten.. or if for any reason you are not thrilled to bits! with your new kitten.. please return it to us and your purchase price will be refunded less the deposit.

This is the only guarantee like this you are going to see in this industry and we can offer this because we have such confidence in our breeding cats, their lines, and the kittens that are raised here.

We also offer a LIFETIME guarantee on all our babies against any fatal inherited genetic faults. We are confident of the health and longevity of our cats and do not want to place a kitten into a home that is not going to be with you for many many years to come. We would never want to hear that you lost your kitten due to any genetic fault.. but in the unlikely event that this happens we are here to try to make things right for your family.

Below you will see our sales contract. This is an agreement between us and you that is signed at the time you take your kitten home. The details of our guarantees are outlined here and in exchange we ask that you guarantee to us that you will be giving the kitten a lifetime of love and good care.

If you have any questions or would like to see any specific item added for your kitten sale.. please contact us. Email is the best :


 WILDSTREAK SAVANNAHS Kitten Purchase Agreeement

TERESA ADEBAHR, of WILDSTREAK SAVANNAHS B.C., hereinafter referred to as the SELLER, and


Hereinafter referred to as the BUYER , have entered into an agreement for the purchase and sale of one PET and/or BREEDER, Savannah Cat/Kitten  by the terms of this contract.

Born _______________________________





The Seller guarantees:

1. That to the best of her knowledge the Savannah kitten purchased by the Buyer is in good health and has been checked twice by a licensed Veterinarian and is accompanied by a current health certificate to confirm such.

2.If the Buyer is unsatisfied with the kitten for ANY reason, health or otherwise, the full purchase price (less deposit)  will be refunded  upon the Buyers returning the kitten to the seller WITHIN TWO WEEKS of the  sale date, Transportation is at the expense of the Buyer.

3. The Seller also gives a LIFETIME guarantee for any fatal inherited defects. The seller will replace the animal free of charge with another of equal quality at the earliest possible time after the demise of said cat. Official medical pathology documentation from an independent Veterinary Pathologist will be mandated in order for this guarantee to be valid.

4. That the Cat/Kitten is from fully registered Savannah or allowable outcross parents as follows:

SIRE: ________________________________________________________

DAM: ________________________________________________________

It is expressly understood that should the FeLK, FIV, or FIP vaccine be administered to this cat, any and all written or implied guarantees and/or warranties are null and void.*

The Buyer agrees :

1. To accept full responsibility for the life long welfare of this cat, providing it with prompt top notch Veterinary care.

2. NOT to have this cat declawed.

3. NOT to allow this animal to be running free outdoors and subject to the perils of traffic, other animals, diseases and theft.

4. To follow the additional stipulations outlined as follows  which have been marked as applicable to this sale.

oPET: If the Cat is purchased as a PET, the Buyer agrees to have the same altered at such time as is deemed safe by the Buyers Veterinarian, but not later than one year of age. Prior to this, the Buyer agrees to take all reasonable care to prevent accidental breeding of or by this cat. The Buyer must provide a Veterinarians Certificate of Altering on or before the date stipulated at which time the Seller shall provide all necessary documents for the Registration of the animal as an Alter in TICA. In the event that such proof is not received by this date, the Seller reserves the right to demand that the animal be returned to her, or an agreement entered into for the purchase of the animal as a WHOLE Cat. If the Buyer does not wish to alter this cat, and if the Seller agrees that the Cat is of breeding quality, the Seller can provide the necessary documents for the registration of the animal as a WHOLE cat in TICA, for an additional cost of $500.

F1 and F2 Male kittens will be altered prior to purchase so the above clause is not relevant to those kittens.

oBREEDER: If the Cat purchased is sold as a Breeder, the Seller shall provide the necessary documents for registration of the animal as a WHOLE Cat in TICA, the cost of such registration to be borne by the Buyer. The Buyer agrees that:

1. This cat is for the sole usage of the Buyers breeding program. It is recognised by both parties that a queen may be sent outside for breeding, but she will return in a timely manner and her kittens shall be born and under the direct care and sole ownership of the Buyer.

2. Any kittens sold, co-owned, leased, given as a gift, or transferred as  Breeder Kittens must be conveyed with a written contract such as this one, containing all notable clauses, so as to assure that responsible and reputable breeding shall continue with cats of this lineage.

3. The Buyer will follow the going price for Savannahs when selling Cats or Kittens bred from this cat and will not sell to pet stores or other such wholesale or retail agencies.

4. Fertility of this Cat is guaranteed.(not applicable for F1 females) If a female cat has not conceived within twenty-four (24)  months of the date of purchase and after being bred to a proven male  on at least two occasions, the Seller shall within a twelve (12) month period replace described female cat with one of comparable value. Choice of replacement cat is at sole discretion of the Seller. Transportation costs to be borne by the Buyer. At the Sellers discretion, the Cat shall be returned to WILDSTREAK SAVANNAHS , or spayed at the expense of the Buyer and placed in an approved pet/companion home.

oSHOW: The buyer is aware at this time that high generation (F1 and F2)  Savannah cats are not eligible for show competition. However the cat can, with permission of show management ,can be entered as an EXHIBITION cat at TICA sanctioned cat shows. It is expected that the Buyer will present this kitten/cat in top notch condition with appropriate grooming and professional handling and presentation at any Cat Show or Exhibit..

All conditions of transfer/sale, as written above, are understood and agreed to by the undersigned:

BUYER: ______________________________________________

SELLER ______________________________________________

DATE     _________________________