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We have more companions just waiting for their perfect new homes. Please follow us on facebook for the most current details on kittens we have available. All our babies are good with children and exposed to walking on a leash, going for car rides and interacting with large and small dogs. 

2015 KITTENS ! 

We have three F7 kittens ready to go. Would love homes with children as they are totally bonded to kids ! They enjoy cuddling, playing and even at bit of 'dress up'. 

Two females, one male. They come microchipped, vaccinated , TICA registered and covered with our 100% THRILLED guarantee  



We have a lovely F1 kitten born to our sweet Phoebe. Phoebe is the mom of Kiera and Turloc who can be seen on the photo gallery page.

This girl is an only child so is already spoiled rotten !
She is a rich golden color with dark spotting like a serval cub.She is half serval and half domestic so very exotic and will be stunning as an adult! 

She is a Prince Baby ! So she will be big !!! Prince is our tallest serval.

She is available as a breeding kitten or as a cherised exotic pet.  Sorry, she will not be sold outside of Canada unless you come personally to pick her up. She will be ready to leave in early December.

Her price of 10K includes air shipping within canada, travel crate, microchip, TICA registration, vaccines, worming, care guide, blanket, walking jacket, food, health guarantee,  and her breeding rights. 

You can watch her grow on our facebook page at Chickeetah on Facebook

September 2012

The fall is here and so is our newest litter of kittens. We have a litter of F5C kittens from Khandi and Mongo  pictures and details are on our facebook page as it is so much quicker to upload pictures there. If you do not have facebook or have any problems accessing the pictures-- please let us know and we can mail them to you individually.

Khandi's F5C Kittens on Facebook 

i-Khandi's F5C kittens born September 1


 and our email address is


We proudly announce our newest litter of savannah kittens. SEVEN f5 kittens were born on July 12 2012. there are 5 females and 2 males available to loving homes.

At this time our price for the kittens is $1250 and that includes shipping within Canada, the kennel, vaccines, worming, our 100% guarantee, and a kitten pack.

We have some baby pictures on our facebook site

 if you want more details or more pictures of any kitten please write ! 

June  2012 "i-growing"

 i-khandi's kittens continue to delight us. They are 9 weeks old now and we get to enjoy this "herd" until June 22. Then they will be leaving for their new homes across Canada.

Here are some updated pictures of them presented in this order

i-mac, i-con, i-do , i-nigma, and i-nkling.

They will have new names in their new homes but just to keep things clear we are keeping the baby names for the website pictures for people that are following their growth. 






April 2012 "i-delighted"

i-Khandi's kittens are on the move. They are 3 wks old and high percentage F5 kittens with the same amount of serval blood as F3 kittens.They are exotic and tall elegant kittens that are a joy to watch.

Presented in order on our virtual cat walk :

i-mac, i-con, i-do,i-nigma and i-nkling!












































April 2012

Finally i-Khandi had her babies. She was a few days overdue but delivered a healthy litter of 5 big kittens ! And a further bonus is that i-Khandi had 4 girls and one boy. Mongo is the proud father and you can see pictures of both i-Khandi and Mongo on our photo gallery page.


"i-Mac" is our big boy and look at those huge ears already ! Growing up with 4 sisters he will be well trained. He has bold black spots on a creamy background. He is so obviously BOY with good boning and good size.



"i-Con" will probably be an appropriate name for this beauty. She is going to have someone wrapped around her paws in no time ! We will consider a breeding home only for her.


"i-nkling" This baby girl is all  dark and sultry  She has smokey highlights  over lots of large inky spots. And she has great obvious cheetah tears (sorry this pic doesn't show her face)

We are anxious to watch her grow!





The first born in the litter, this big girl is almost ready to open her eyes at only 3 days old. "i-Do" is a marble Savannah which is considered a non standard color.

Although she is a real beauty with long legs, huge feet,  and golden coat we will offer her for less then a standard spotted kitten. She is equivilant to an F3 in percentage of serval and will be available to a good pet home for $1900 which will include  shipping anywhere in Canada and her travel kennel. This is an opportunity to own an exotic Savannah that is unique and will have all the savannah personality that her quirky mom has !

"i-nigma" Well these legs were made for walking and this bossy girl is ready to head back to mom and leave the photo session behind her . She is another pretty golden girl, (like "i-Con"), that is seeking a breeding home. She has great spotting, great legs and the best ocelli (ear spots) in town !  




March 2012

The Tia and Mongo Kittens have opened their eyes.  These are golden F6 kittens priced reasonably at $1200 as pets and that includes shipping within Canada!
These parents produce beautiful large babies that make easy going pets for families with children, dogs and other cats. And watch this space for our announcement of more F1 kittens to be born within the week !  


February 23 Tia Maria delivered her F6 babies

 Tia was a few days overdue and finally had 5 spring babies on February 23rd which is the same day she had 5 babies last year ! I guess she was waiting as she felt this was her day !

There are 3 boys and 2 girls and one of the boys is a classic tabby pattern. The kittens are $1200 each as pets which will include shipping to locations in Canada.

Tia is our largest girl (17 lbs) and is even bigger then both of our male savannahs ! So we expect these kittens to be a good size. They are reasonably priced kittens looking for good pet homes. One of the girls could go as a breeder and you can inquire about breeding arrangements if that is something you are interested in.




"Cane" Male Kitten

Warm colored sugary male. Cane was the first kitten born and is the largest boy at this point.









"Honey" female Kitten

Honey is very pretty and would be suitable as a breeder kitten.







"Molasses"our unique classic patterned male kitten

(Spot-less Molasses)










"Maple Syrup" they dont come much sweeter then this baby girl !








"Sharab" Another big male kitten. He is more interested in heading back to mommy then getting his picture taken !

















February 2012

Kiera and Turloc leave for their new homes in Ontario.

We have more F1 Savannah kittens (like these ones)  due in February and March.


January 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 brings us some snow, some pregnancies  and a few Savannah kittens romping around  to keep us busy.

Phoebe had her first litter of F1 kittens in November. There is a black nosed boy and a chunky golden girl. Prince is the proud father and the female kitten,Kiera, looks just like him! She is already fetching and retrieving and her favourite toy is this stuffed fake mouse.   



Kiera  will be going to live with new owners and new Savannah breeders Gerry and Clayton in Ontario.

Her little brother is going to live with Mandy and Vic in Ontario. This couple has bought two previous savannahs from us and are excited to get their first F1!

They have named their new family member "Turloc". I know they are counting the days until Feb 7 when they get him!

Turloc has a black nose which some savannah owners  covet.  


Keisha has a silvery BST F3 boy out of Mongo. He is a dear "only child" and we have nicknamed him LEGS! He has such pretty blue eyes right now just like our model Ava. He was born just before Christmas and will be leaving in March to live with Cassandra who already has an F4 Melanistic Savannah!

UPCOMING:We have some upcoming F6 Savannah kittens from our large girl Tia. These kittens are reasonably priced and the males are fertile so perfect for breeders looking for a large boned golden stud cat. The sire is Mongo and he can be seen on the photo gallery page.

In February  we  have some more F1 Savannah kittens coming from both Stewie and Prince.

Stewie has also sired a litter of serval kittens that is due in March. If you want to get on the list for one of those babies then you can contact and they can give you info on prices and tell you about the joys and challenges of living with an exotic cat.

If you are interested in learning more about our prices or the difference between an F1 and F6 kitten just check out our information page and read through the links. We can be contacted by email at 


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