WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

King Kasbah

We  have become complete slaves to our new Savannah Male.  We imported him from Sandy and Mike Hale in California and we are so grateful to have been able to get one of their infamous mush babies.

Kasbah is a seductive Brown Spotted F5 Savannah boy with the most enchanting sea green eyes. He is very exotic looking and different than any other cat we have ever had. He is large and getting bigger every day. He has Serval Cat in his background but it is a small percentage of his bloodline because male cats with a high percentage of Serval in their pedigree are not fertile for breeding., (unless they are 100% Serval and then they are a Serval of course, not a Savannah !) This is an anomaly that often happens with hybrid animals. The females can be fertile in the early generations but the males will not be. Savannah breeders have had to take the F1 cats that were born from breeding a Serval to a domestic cat and breed them to other complementary breeds of  cats for several generations to finally get fertile males that could be used in the Savannah breeding programs.  Kasbah is the Stud cat for  Galaxy and Nova.                 Sometimes it is hard to picture him as a forceful stud as he is so laid back and not at all assertive! He is a clumsy easy going young fellow that is always getting in trouble for waking up the girls, falling into the girls, getting in the way of the girls, taking a toy that belongs to the girls etc.

The female Abyssinian and Savannah cats are definitely the dominate members of this household. Male cats tend to be very laid back and really don’t care who eats first, who gets the best spot on the bed, who gets the lap etc… BUT, the girls do care !!  

Poor Kasbah has been put in his place so many times that we sometimes wonder how he becomes assertive enough to put the girls in their place ! But, when the job needs doing he is the one doing it ! Of course, he is very polite about it !

He still seems such a baby in some ways and still has so much growing to do. He is very interested in learning how to use the keyboard (he has mastered all the F keys !) and having long conversations with anyone that will listen! Kasbah is very vocal ! He is either purring, trilling like a bird, or talking ! And he loves nothing more than to sit on shoulders and have a birds eye view of his surroundings, not to mention the undivided attention of his human carrier!  

And, as you can see by these pictures.. he likes to cuddle on the couch with Nova !