WildStreak Cattery in B.C. Canada

About WildStreak Savannahs

**** UPDATE ***** we have recently moved to the Philippines ! and have ocean front property in this beautiful warm paradise. Finally all of our cats ( and dogs!) are moved here and we are now involved in breeding and exhibiting Servals and Savannahs in Asia.

Our Small Cattery is located in the Vancouver area on the beautiful west coast of Canada.  We have been breeding purebred show cats since 1982. We are proud of our reputation for producing healthy happy companions for over 30 years.  Over the years we have been intrigued and impressed by many different cat breeds but the Savannahs are in a class by themselves!! 

The Savannahs are an active cat that can keep up with active dogs and children.  Our home was already cat proof from many years of Abyssinian kittens romping through here,  so there was no real worry getting a few Savannahs, but we would certainly remind anyone considering EITHER breed to buy themselves some double sided tape, and storage units with doors, to prevent any breakables from getting knocked during kitten play time!          

We like to consider that our home based cattery is always open to visitors but in reality this is not feasible. We have decided we need to limit our visitors to the new kittens purchasers only. There has been so much interest in our cats and we just cannot have people coming into our home all the time to see the cats! It puts the new kittens and the pregnant moms at risk every time someone visits, so we have decided to prioritize the visits for the select families actually getting a kitten. 

This one of the ways new owners can be confident that their kitten has not been exposed to any possible health risks. Once we have a litter of kittens we welcome the new owners to come and meet their new family member and to visit a few times before the kitten leaves for it's new home at 12 weeks old. We do ask that when you come for a visit you do not handle any cats or visit any catteries just before coming here. We have healthy cats and do not want any fungi, parasites or viruses brought in by well-meaning visitors.

We would love to have as many admirers as possible see our cats so we try to attend  some of the local Cat Shows or pet expos, with one or two cats on display. This way we can hand out information and meet as many of you as possible in one busy weekend!!  For more info: see our

Public Appearances page 

You are welcome to pet the cats and play with them as long as you use the sanitary hand cleanser on site. This helps prevent viruses spreading from one cat to another at these multi cat venues.  

Our Cats get a lot of attention when they are out in public. They have done TV spots and been in the newspaper and magazines. You will find the same when you bring your Savannah out. This new breed is creating quite a stir! 
Newspaper Articles                        

This is a picture of Galaxy at her first Cat Show in Richmond B.C. with an Abyssinian kitten. She was wearing a durable Savannah-proof harness and was happy to meet and greet spectators as long as she was allowed to bring her pink Barbie car to the show with her.  She has outgrown this car, and it was NOT meant to be a cat bed, but she stole it from my  grandaughter and continues to  make a spectacle of herself trying to fit into it! As you can see there is no room to share, but the Aby kitten still tries.


Her friend is a ruddy Abyssinian kitten wearing his personalized walking jacket. Check out if you would like a personalized walking jacket made for your cat.. or dog!? All Wildstreak Savannah Kittens are sold with a walking jacket made especially for them by our friend Sherry at cattykittydesigns.  See our webpage KITTEN KITS to see everything that is included with your kitten purchase